Colorado Police Upping DUI Patrols for Graduations

Congratulations to all of the high school and college seniors who will be walking the stage in the coming weeks! Graduation is a time worth celebrating – but when you celebrate too hard, sometimes you can get into serious trouble.

Authorities are warning the class of 2015 that DUI enforcement will increase during the next few weeks to help keep students from drinking and driving during the year-end celebrations. An arrest for DUI, warns Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Catherine Buckley, can ruin the first half of a person’s life and career.

Additionally, law enforcement officials are recommending that parents speak to their children about the dangers of drinking and driving before celebrations begin. Reminding children to stay safe, designate a driver or take advantage of public transit and ridesharing can help keep the roads safe during this exciting time.

Roadside patrols are only one part of the increased emphasis on DUI enforcement. Authorities are also visiting high schools around the state to set up mock accident exercises. These exercises are meant to impart to teens the severe consequences of drinking and driving. The high school crowd is especially vulnerable to alcohol-related car accidents. Studies have shown that minors driving under the influence of alcohol tend to have higher BAC than non-minors committing the same offense, and that minors are less likely to wear seat belts.

If you found yourself celebrating graduation too hard and were arrested for underage DUI, you should know that you have allies. Contact a Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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