Colorado Deemed One of Strictest States for High-Risk Drivers

By September 16, 2015Thomas Law Firm

Thanks to a study by Wallet Hub, a social media company focused on smart financial decisions, we now know where Colorado stands on the list of strictest states for high-risk drivers. Colorado is the sixth strictest state when considering insurance premiums for high-risk drivers, DUI laws and penalties for speeding and reckless driving.

The placement was decided by averaging the three metrics together. When it came to insurance premiums, Colorado was right in the middle, with an average of $539 premium increase for drivers with a DUI, $277 for speeding over 20mph, $1,389 for two accidents, $475 for reckless driving and $465 for driving on a suspended license.

As far as DUI drivers, Colorado placed 17th. However, at the time of the study, Colorado’s new felony DUI bill had not been passed, so this statistic may have changed in the meantime, although perhaps not much given that the law has only been active for a little over one month.

Colorado received the brutal number one spot for strictness on speeding and reckless driving. With minimum 10 days in jail and $300 fine for first offenses, that fine jumping to $1,000 for a second offense, Colorado’s reckless driving laws blew every other state out of the water.

In case you were wondering about the most and least strict states, the strictest was Arizona and the most lenient was South Dakota (we guess it is hard to get into accidents when there are only three people driving in the whole state).

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