CDOT’s New Bizarre “How Not to Get Hit by a Car” Videos

By September 8, 2015Thomas Law Firm

We have to wonder what they’re smoking over at CDOT after witnessing this bizarre new ad series promoting attentiveness when crossing the road.

Colorado officials have done plenty of weird things in the past in regards to ad campaigns – the smoking Ford Focuses on 4/20, the high driving arcade games, the Cannabis Quiz Cab – but this one is a bit more subdued. In the ads, sleazy salesman “Hank” attempts to sell phony VHS tapes demonstrating a variety of street crossing behaviors that open you up to the risk of being hit by a car. Examples include the “Texter Tuck & Roll,” for those pedestrians so hooked on the Internet that they can’t be fussed to look up when crossing the street; the “Scotch & Soda Stumble” for the partiers among us; and the “I Could Care Less Crosser” for those who don’t believe in crosswalks (come on, CDOT – it’s “couldn’t care less”).

If nothing else, the ads are certainly catching attention, so maybe the message will get through to viewers. Then again, it’s entirely possible that people will come for the mindless entertainment – the same man being hit over and over by a car. Then again, you might just get a bunch of confused kids that have no idea what a VHS tape is.

How does one get an acting gig for “guy who gets hit a dozen times by car” anyway?

Other Colorado Campaigns Currently Underway

The State of Colorado is rebranding its anti-marijuana campaign under the tagline “What’s Next?” to prevent kids from indulging in the devil’s lettuce. The message is that marijuana stunts a growing teen’s mental growth and by extension, his or her potential. The brain is not fully developed until 25, the campaign claims, meaning that marijuana use in youth can reduce job prospects, make education more difficult and cause kids to fail their driving tests (though the jury is still out on whether marijuana use really affects driving significantly.)

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