Case of 12th DUI Revives Calls for Strengthening DUI Penalties

By February 6, 2017Thomas Law Firm

Are Colorado laws on DUI STILL too lax, even though we’ve changed the laws to make a fourth DUI a felony?

A Thornton, CO man was recently sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted of DUI for the ninth time in Colorado. He had three similar convictions in other states for a total of 12 DUI convictions. He was pulled over when police witnessed him making an erratic U-turn into oncoming traffic and then another U-turn into a shopping center. When arrested, his blood alcohol concentration was 0.182, over double the legal limit. Additionally, he was already on probation for DUI.

The Colorado District Attorney Council said that the felony DUI law is not enough to prevent offenders from reoffending and that we need tougher laws. It is expected that a bill will be introduced to further strengthen DUI laws.

How Strict Are Colorado DUI Laws Compared to Other States?

When it comes to DUI laws, Colorado is closer to the top than the bottom in terms of penalties. A 2016 study from WalletHub, a personal finance website, rated Colorado 18th in the nation in terms of strict DUI laws. The study looked at 15 key metrics, including things like when DUI becomes a felony, the penalties for high BAC, minimum jail time for first and second convictions, whether ignition interlock devices are mandatory and more.

Colorado does not make the top 10 for DUI strictness, but that doesn’t mean that a Colorado DUI is a walk in the park. You can still face lengthy jail sentences, expensive fines as well as the impacts on your future employment and housing. The best way to minimize the effect of an impaired driving charge is to discuss your case with your attorney.

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