Can You Be Deported for Using Legal Marijuana in Colorado?

By October 7, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Weed is legal in Colorado. You can grow it (up to certain amounts), you can smoke it (in private), you can eat it. You can use it as medicine. You can carry some of it with you and you can gift some of it to your friends.

But if you’re not in the country legally, it’s not a wise idea to partake or possess marijuana. Even in Colorado.

Despite the legality of weed, non-citizens can be labeled drug traffickers, drug addicts and drug abusers for any sort of possession, consumption – even just admitting that you have smoked weed in the past. Why?

Federal Laws Trump State Laws

When applying for citizenship in the United States, non-citizens must be able to prove they have good moral character. While inhaling the smoke of a burning natural plant should not really weigh down on how moral a person is, the federal government does not see it that way. Being involved with marijuana is seen as moral turpitude by the government. You can even be labeled a bad egg if you haven’t used marijuana, but have expressed interest in participating in Colorado’s legal bud industry.

According to federal law, marijuana is illegal. Because immigration is a federal issue, the ban on marijuana applies even in states where state law makes it legal. You can face jail time and even deportation for expressing interest in Colorado marijuana if you are not a legal citizen. Even worse – you can be barred from the country for life.

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