Can I Test My Own THC Levels before Driving?

By November 8, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Recently, the Colorado Department of Transportation teamed up with the breathalyzer developed BACtrack to see if providing free breathalyzers to Coloradans would reduce their likelihood of drinking and driving. The test was largely successful, as we recounted in a previous blog. But that got us wondering – if there is an easy way to test your BAC at home to protect yourself from DUI, was there any way to do the same thing with THC in your blood?

Testing for Marijuana in Colorado Drivers

In Colorado, there is a hard limit of five nanograms per milliliter of blood that you can have in your body before you will be assumed to be impaired. The trouble with this number is that the science behind it is dicey. Depending on the frequency and amount of marijuana a person uses, that person’s blood THC level could vary wildly. Frequent smokers might have more than five nanograms of THC in their blood hours, even days after smoking. An infrequent smoker might be able to consume only a few hours before driving without their blood THC levels reaching above five nanograms. As such, a device to test THC levels could be a useful tool for smokers who wish to avoid DUI-D.

Sadly, there is no such device to measure one’s own THC levels. The police rely on blood draws, and unless you’re a scientist or doctor with access to the equipment they use, you’re probably better off just knowing your limits and waiting for a few hours before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. In the near future, it is possible we will have weed breathalyzers and roadside saliva sample kits that drivers could feasibly use themselves, but it will likely be a while before we have those for our smartphones.

If you are arrested and charged with DUI-D in Colorado, our defense attorneys can be a huge help in getting your charges reduced and potentially dropped entirely.

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