Amidst the Red, a Wave of Green: Marijuana Legalization Spreads to Four States

By November 22, 2016Thomas Law Firm

What a year it has been!

While the news cycle is still clogged with articles about the presidential election and what is next for our country, some may have missed some interesting news coming out of California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada. Those four are the most recent states to have legalized recreational marijuana, joining Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Washington, D.C. in what may be the beginning of a new wave of saner marijuana laws. Arizona was the only state with legal marijuana on the ballot that voted against it.

In addition to these states legalizing recreational marijuana, Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota have now legalized medical marijuana. This means that marijuana, in some form or another, is now legal in 28 states plus D.C.

Can I Drive across State Lines with Marijuana in My Car, If Both States Have Legal Weed?

For those states that share a border and have legal weed, marijuana enthusiasts may wonder whether the laws have changed regarding transporting marijuana over state lines. While Colorado does not share a border with any other legal weed states, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington do. However, just because weed is legal throughout the West Coast does not mean it is legal to drive from San Francisco to Portland with marijuana in your car. The federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I controlled substance, and because the federal government is responsible for regulating interstate commerce, they still have the ability to prosecute you for moving controlled substances.

Our Denver criminal defense attorneys can help if you are charged with marijuana-related crimes in or near Colorado.

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