A New Look for Colorado’s Edible Marijuana

By October 11, 2016Thomas Law Firm

One big concern people have had about legalizing marijuana in Colorado involves edibles; specifically, that many edibles have no physical indication that they contain marijuana.

As of October 1, Colorado has implemented a new rule. Not only must packaging for marijuana edibles make it clear that the product contains THC, the edibles themselves must be marked with a universal symbol, a diamond with the letters THC inside. In addition to the diamond stamp, packaging rules have been adjusted to include more labeling, childproof zippers and lids as well as more warnings to prevent children and pregnant women from accidentally ingesting marijuana. Packaging also warns against drugged driving.

It’s hard to quantify how big of a problem children ingesting marijuana edibles actually is in Colorado, but one study of admissions to Colorado Children’s Hospital showed that, post legalization, the rate of child marijuana hospitalizations nearly doubled (from 1.2 cases per 100,000 children to 2.3 cases per 100,000 children). But even with a low incidence rate, it is important to keep marijuana edibles away from children because the edibles are often very potent, and a child may consume too much of the product before its effects kick in, leading to a very bad day for the kid and his or her parents (and possible legal trouble).

The state plans to continue implementing rules for marijuana edibles next year, including a blanket ban on fruit, animal and human-shaped treats.

The Denver drugged driving lawyers at Thomas Law Firm encourage readers to blaze it responsibly.

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