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Human nature is a funny thing. We like to have fun, and for many, alcohol is an express ticket to the fun train. As such, we’ve perfected several different ways of enjoying our alcohol. We brew beer, make wine, make food with it – whoever invented the Jell-O shot was a genius. So, it should come as no shock that there is a persistent desire to create new and innovative ways of consuming alcohol.

Meet Palcohol and alcohol vapor.

Palcohol – powdered alcohol – is an unassuming powder you can sprinkle on food or mix into drinks. Think Kool-Aid powder but way more of a party.

Alcohol vapor is more niche, but is becoming popular in big urban centers like Los Angeles and Chicago. The process is a little more hands-on than just adding a dash of powder. You either need a machine, like a Vapshot, to vaporize the alcohol for you, or you have to get creative – some people will take alcohol, pour it over dry ice in a bottle and then inhale the fumes.

Are These Products Dangerous to Children?

Palcohol is concerning because of its unassuming appearance. It can be mistaken for sugar or flour, so some parents worry that young children are at risk of alcohol poisoning if they mistake it for something sweet. It also could be dangerous for teens who could carry packets of it with them to add to drinks – while sitting at the Sonic drive-in, for example. Then you’ve got to worry about underage DUI.

Alcohol vapor is a little less of a concern, and honestly probably a lot more restricted than regular alcohol. Why go through the trouble of obtaining dry ice?
All in all, no matter what form alcohol takes – solid, liquid or gas – educating your teens about the ramifications of DUI is the best way to keep them out from behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol.

Underage drivers charged with DUI can face serious repercussions that can be reduced or avoided through the services of an experienced Denver DUI attorney.