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Ciara Anderson knew from a very young age that she wanted to pursue a career where she could help make people’s lives better. For Ciara, becoming an attorney was how she could make sure that even when life happens, people have someone in their corner treating them with humanity and fighting for them.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Tennessee, Ciara made the trek to Colorado. Before starting law school at the University of Denver, Ciara worked with the Thomas, Ahnell, Laraway & Smith team in various administrative positions. This has given her unique insights into what her clients experience at every stage of the process, including the emotional, financial, and legal challenges. She uses this experience to her clients’ advantage, ensuring that everything she does is in service of making those challenges easier to overcome.

In addition to working as a Law Clerk at the firm throughout her time in law school, Ciara also excelled academically and professionally. Ciara was a Managing Editor of the Sports & Entertainment Law Journal and on the executive board for the American Civil Liberties Union, First Generation Law Student Association, and Women’s Legal Coalition. She also participated in the University’s nationally ranked Civil Rights Clinic as a student attorney for two years. While in the clinic, Ciara successfully negotiated a substantial settlement on behalf of a juvenile client against a Colorado police department. She then went on to work on the Clinic’s most complex case, challenging the conditions of solitary confinement on behalf of a person imprisoned in the United States Penitentiary – Administrative Maximum (ADX). In addition to graduating in the top 17% of her class with distinction, Ciara was awarded with the Student Attorney of the Year Award for her empathetic, yet fierce, advocacy for her clients.

As an attorney at Thomas, Ahnell, Laraway & Smith, Ciara looks to continue building her civil rights, prisoner rights, and criminal defense work with the firm. Her strength lays in her ability to listen and empathize with her clients. She is also able to take what she hears and apply her investigative prowess to that information, cutting to the heart of issues so she can apply her legal strategy and deliver results to her clients.


Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association Civil Rights Section Young Lawyers Division Liaison
Colorado Bar Association – Young Lawyer Division
Denver Bar Association
American Bar Association


J.D., University of Denver, 2020
B.A., University of Tennessee, 2015


U.S. District Court, Colorado

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