How Soon Should I Get an Attorney After a DUI Arrest?

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DUI Defense Lawyer Reviews the Short Timeline to Fight the Charge

In this video, Denver DUI Defense attorney Jason Wolfe explains what a person needs to know about timing after a citation or arrest for driving under the influence. A person must act quickly to request a hearing to save their driver’s license and begin an investigation into potential defenses to the criminal charges. At Thomas Law Firm, many of our Colorado DUI attorneys are former district attorneys themselves, so they understand exactly how the prosecution will treat a DUI case. This gives our clients an edge as we aggressively defend your rights in court.


If you get arrested for a DUI charge, time is definitely of the essence. There’s many things that are working against you in terms of timing. Once you are aware that you had had a BAC of above a .08, that’s when the department of revenue, the DMV, becomes involved. Once you know that you have a blood alcohol above a .08, you have to request a hearing, if you want one, you don’t have to have one, within 7 days. If you don’t request that hearing within 7 days, you lose the right to a hearing. So that’s certainly one thing that is working in terms of the time frame. You know, the other issue with regard to timing is just trying to get somebody involved as early as possible on your defense. The earlier you can get somebody involved to start reviewing police reports, to start looking at if there was an accident, start looking at the accident, reconstruction. Start looking at how the breath or the blood test was administered. The sooner that you can get somebody involved, the better off you very well might be.

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When contacting our offices one of the first questions people will often ask our defense attorneys is “What is the chance of winning a case in Colorado?” Every case is unique and presents a different set of circumstances. For example, a case in Aurora would be defended differently from a case in Denver, or a case in Lakewood. However, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the greater your chances are of getting a favorable outcome. Our attorneys have the combined experience of handling thousands of cases throughout their careers.

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